Safety is at the heart of everything we do. The Jr. Lancer Football program utilizes many different national and local football organization’s safety protocols and best practices. Some of the safety measures our coaching staff utilizes:


  • USA Football training
  • Heads Up training
    • Proper tackling techniques to minimize head injury risks
    • Proper blocking techniques
  • Guardian Cap Use
    • Unique to Jr Lancer Football
    • Additional padding worn during practices to minimize risk of head injuries
    • BCHS also utilizes Guardian Caps for their entire program
  • First Aid kits for all teams
  • Mouth pieces issued to all players
  • Practice drills designed to minimize injury risks
  • Professional Athletic Trainers available at all tackle games
  • Helmets used utilize newer technology to reduce head injury risks
  • COVID-19 protocols, developed by Froedert medical staff, implemented at all levels
  • Supplemental sports insurance included in fees for all players
  • AAYFL weight limits for ball carriers at all tackle levels
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